Simple Tips on How to Grow Taller

Simple Tips on How to Grow Taller

How to Grow Taller

Simple Tips :

Are you one of the short fellows?  I bet you were always among the first when you were asked to fall in line when you were still in school.  No doubt your parents also kept track of your height and growth when you were still a kid but unfortunately, you didn’t grow much anymore when you reached a particular age.


It’s a little bit easier for girls who do not very tell because they can at least just buy high heel shoes they are okay.  Of course, it is still better to just be tall so you don’t have to strain your feet walking in those high heel killers.


It is no secret that when it comes to a person’s height, genetics has a big part to play.  However, it would be wrong to assume that your height purely depends on your genes.  The truth is, there are simple tips on how to grow taller and many of them are things you probably already know by now.  So what are the things you can do to add a couple of inches to your height naturally?


One thing that you can do is to eat right.  Your diet and nutrition play a vital role if you are to grow taller.  In fact, you can have the “tall genes” but if you do not support it with proper diet, you will never be able to reach your maximum height.  So what can you do to make sure that this does not happen?  Well, you can start by eating healthy.  Yup, that means saying no to Mc Donald’s and other fast food no matter how tempting it seems.  Choose all natural food instead and never scrimp on protein and calcium.  You’ll need it for strong muscles and bones.


Sorry coffee lovers, caffeine is not great for your height either.  That means avoiding some of the best drinks in the world such as coffee, tea, and even carbonated sodas.  All it gives you is sugar and all sorts of wrong stuff that won’t help you grow taller.  As a substitute, eat food that is rich in amino acids.  Your height will definitely catch up.


Stretch those muscles!  Not only is it great for getting rid of unwanted tension but stretching regularly also helps your spine extend and add a couple of inches to your height.  So if you are thinking twice about enrolling in that yoga class, I suggest that you go for it.  You can gain up to 3 inches but stretch regularly alone!


Don’t scrimp up on your sleep.  Yes, you may be a very busy person but never deprive yourself of much-needed sleep.  Did you know that it is in sleep that the body releases the human growth hormone or HGH?  So don’t just give your body 4 to 5 hours of much-needed shuteye.  By all means, give it the straight 8 hours it needs.


Those are the tips on how to grow taller.


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