Grow tall with exercises and stretching

Grow tall with exercises and stretching

The saying goes, ‘half of beauty is height.’ Whether it’s true or not, centimeters can become a real burden for men who are below average height. How to become taller? Those who are not aware of the existence of shoes with hidden lifts generally resign themselves to their unsatisfactory height and stop looking for solutions to the problem. This is a big mistake, since becoming taller after puberty is not impossible

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Elevator shoes are seemingly normal men’s shoes that hide a secret lift inside, capable of increasing the height of the wearer by 6 to 10 centimeters. For many years, the internal lift has only been applied to classic shoes and boots. However, today, even elevated sneakers can be found: by purchasing a pair of elevator shoes for every occasion – formal and informal – the new height of the wearer becomes a given and normal for everyone

Exercises to increase height and body size

Many people think that once adolescence is over, there is no longer a possibility of increasing height, but they are mistaken: the length of the neck, torso, and legs can be increased through exercise. By acting solely on the spine, for example, which consists of 32 vertebrae connected by ligaments and muscles, it is possible to increase one’s height from 3 to 5 centimeters with targeted and consistent training.

All of this thanks to muscles and especially intervertebral menisci, those cushions that are located between one vertebra and another made of a fibrocartilaginous substance. In sedentary people, these menisci tend to atrophy, therefore shortening, significantly reducing height. With exercises to increase height, however, it is possible to lengthen the muscles and stretch the intervertebral menisci, gaining unexpected centimeters.

But how to do it? There are several options. Considering that regular and balanced training, followed by a trainer or personal trainer, is the best solution to quickly achieve the goal without ever getting hurt, here we present the most effective activities to lengthen the body and therefore increase height.

Grow tall with exercises and stretching
Grow tall with exercises and stretching

1. Hanging

Hanging for several minutes every day is the most popular activity to increase height. It is a stretching exercise that helps regain a few centimeters by acting on the spine. To do this, simply firmly attach a bar at home, in conjunction with a few doors, and hang every morning holding the position until it becomes difficult, without overexerting. In the morning, the intervertebral menisci are more flexible because they are rested (in fact, as soon as we wake up we are taller than when we go to sleep), so they will stretch more easily and without tears. While waiting for the bar, you can opt for another effective exercise to do under the lintel of a door: on tiptoes and with arms raised, try to reach as high as possible, stretching first to the right and then to the left and so on.

2. Swimming

If you practiced daily or at least twice a week, is one of the best activities with a low injury rate to lengthen the body.

3. Stretching

which consists only of stretching exercises, is another effective activity to flexibilize and relax all the muscles of the body, not only those of the trunk, but also and above all those of the legs.

4. Yoga

Yoga can also effectively help realize the dream of becoming taller, as it aims to flexibilize and relax the body uniformly. From New York, moreover, the so-called Antigravity Yoga has recently arrived in Italy, which, with upside-down exercises, promises profound and lasting results on height.

In short, for those who wish to be taller, solutions exist. Just think that with physical exercise we can gain up to 5 centimeters, elevated shoes can give another 10 centimeters, which would allow us to increase our overall height by 15 centimeters. So height will never be a problem again.

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